Finding body of missing man

7 يناير 2016367 views مشاهدة
Finding body of missing man

After an absence of two days, Assayish Forces found the body inthe road between the villages (Aniq Al-Hawa/ Baareer) in Abu-Raseen town.
After announcement of the family of the citizen, “Abdul RahmanBakarAl-Mahmeed” about his absence from home two days ago, Assayish Forces moved in the process of search and investigate about him to find his body in the countryside of Abu-Raseen town, according to the Investigation Office.
Investigation Office added that the medical examiner’s report confirmedthat the cause of death was myocardial infarction and the death occurred before nearly a full day.
Note: The dead man is from Tel-Ward village and his body has been handed over to his family to be buried

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