Seizing load for smuggling to Raqqa city

11 يناير 2016393 views مشاهدة
Seizing load for smuggling to Raqqa city

Assayish Forces seized three cargo trucks intended for smuggling flour and rice outside of Al-Jazeera canton on one of the checkpoints last night.

According to Investigation Office in Qamishlo and after carefu2125l inspection, Assayish Forces seized three trucks intended for smuggling at Al-Helalia checkpoints (1250 bags of flour and 500 bags of rice  material) hidden underbran bags.

The office added that the owners of the three trucks called (Kh.G 34 years), (G.G 25 years) and (A.G 25 years) confessed that they wanted to smuggle the mentioned materials above to Raqqa city.

2152Note: The three persons have been transferred to the public prose
cution, and the mentioned materials have been confiscated by Supply Body in Qamishlo city

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