Citizenskeenness help in arresting abusers

13 يناير 2016338 views مشاهدة
Citizenskeenness help in arresting abusers

Under campaign  of Assayish Forces (Anti-drugand drug abusers), Assayish Forces in Qamishlo arresteddrug abus yesterday evening.

Through one of the notification made by a citizen, indicating that there is a person takesdrug in one of the abandoned houses,AssayishForces in Qamishloarrested so-called (S. B / 35 years) taking heroin by red-handed according to the report of Investigation Office.

It is worth mentioning that Assayish Forces have arrested many of people who abusing narcotic substances in Qamishlo and Al-Hasakarecently by the cooperation of the citizens and their keenness on the security of society.

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