Arrested while they trying to steal

27 يناير 2016361 views مشاهدة
Arrested while they trying to steal

Jamil Suleiman

Assayish Forces in Al-Hasaka arrested twominors red-handed while trying to steal in one of the neighborhood of the city last night.

During the patrol of Assayish roam at night, in the Aziziyah neighborhood as usual a day, they arrested (A.S and KH.F), while trying to break the lock of one of the shops, according to the Investigation Office.

Investigation Office added that their ages less than sixteen years. They have admitted about doing three thefts of shops, and selling the stolen goods in the market, in addition to ten thousand SPhave been found with them from the previous value of the stolen items.

Note: they had been transferred to the public prosecution in Al-Hasakah, after the investigation finished.

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