Woman raped by Turkish gendarmes

30 يناير 2016356 views مشاهدة
Woman raped by Turkish gendarmes

Roshan Hesso / Dilan Al-Omar

A woman was beaten and raped by Turkish gendarmes on the borders between Bakur and Roj-Ava Kurdistan in one of villages in Amude last night.

Women Assayish Forces found ( M.G / 31 years) in Khashafia village in Amude, after she has beaten and raped by gendarmes while trying to cross the border to go to her family in Bakur Kurdistan and throw it with her child on the border, according Investigation Office ofWomen Assayish Forces in Amude.

It is worth mentioning that the Turkish gendarmes violations were not only limited to men, but women are also included.

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