Arresting thief and pickpocket in Al-Hasaka

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Arresting thief and pickpocket in Al-Hasaka

Gamil Hasaka – Sherwan Hasaka

Assayish Forces in Al-Hasaka arrested a minor steals the citizens red-handed in one of the neighborhoods in AL-Hasaka yesterday afternoon.

Patrol of Assayish arrested so-called (H.A / 14 years) in Mushayrifa neighborhood red-handed during stealing a hundred thousand SP from the pocket of a citizen. He has admitted about similar cases with the help of young men who are being sought, According to the Investigation Office.

Assayish Forces in Al-Hasaka also arrested a motorcycle thief in the city yesterday.

After receiving notification from a citizen about the theft of his motorcycle in front of the National Hospital in Al-Azizia neighborhood, patrol of Assayish Forces arrested (M.A / 29 years) and the stolen bike in his house, according to the Investigation Office.

It is worth mentioning that it was the restoration of the amount that was stolen and the motorcycle to the owners. The thieves have been transferred to the public prosecution.

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