Assyish Forces reveals kidnapping and killing crime and people govern criminals

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Assyish Forces reveals kidnapping and killing crime and people govern criminals

GamiHasaka – SherwanHasaka

Assayish Forces revealedthe circumstances of the murder that happened in the last september 2015 by a group of young menin Al-Hasaka.

There was a court on Saturday in Al-Hasakaagainst five people (N.Z / 21 years), (B.B / 20 years), (F.G / 19 years), (M.R / 21 years) and (K.A / 19 years), involved kidnapping of a child who (Hussain Al-Nasser / 7 years), from Arab component and he is a resident of Aleppo, in the presence of representatives of the People’s Court in Al-Jazeera canton.

Court began with a minute of silence for the souls of the martyrs, then followed by a speech by the judges for the crimes that happen, and to take responsibility for the community and parents for lack sufficient capacity to control the actions of teenagers.

After that, the claim file has been read by the public prosecution. The file included:

General Investigation Office of Assayish Forces in Al-Hasaka and in partnership with the General Investigation Office of Roj-Ava Assayish Forces revealed the mastermind of the crime on 09/21/2015 by the accused (M.R), who made a mistake by sending message through his private number to the victim family, and the removal the doubts he said thathis mobile phone stolen by a cousin, and after the investigation he admitted the crime, and the role of each person in the crime committed and how to hide the body, where they placed in a bag and throw it in Al-jakjaqriver.

According to the Investigation Office, the child has been kidnapped for a financial amount of 60 thousand dollars.

It is worth mentioning that the five defendants confessed to committing the crime to be transferred to the public prosecution and handed over to the People’s Court in of Al-Hasaka.

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