Corpse lying on one of agricultural lands

7 فبراير 2016347 views مشاهدة
Corpse lying on one of agricultural lands

Jamil Hasaka – SherwanHasaka

Assayish Forces received a notification from a citizen in Al-Twena neighborhood near poultry area for a corpse lying on one of the agriculture lands at ten o’clock this morning.

A patrol of AssayishForces with Anti-Organized Crime Division andthe coroner in addition to the Public Prosecution went to the place of the corpse.

It was cleared that the body for who so-called “Karim Eid Al-Awaid / 42 years”, he was shot with one bullet in his left ear and exited from his right cheek.

The coroner confirmed that he hasshot by a bullet caliber 9, and the cause of death was internal bleeding. The crime was since fifteen hours ago.

It is worth mentioning that the corpsehas transferred to the National Hospital to be handed over to his family by assets.

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