Arresting young man to have false identity

8 فبراير 2016364 views مشاهدة
Arresting young man to have false identity

Because of the checkpoints observation, security checkpoints office arrested so-called (A.SH / 29 years) in Amude to have a false identity yesterday.

According to the Investigation Office in Amude, his work is Taxi Driver. He was arrested whenhe was heading from Qamishlo to Amude for the transfer of a customer, and he made his born date from 1987 to 1980 in order to escape from the duty of self-defense and to facilitate the work at checkpoints.

It is referred to that he is the third person who was arrested by the AssayishForces in Amude since the beginning of the New Year 2016. He has been transferred to the Public Prosecution.

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