Assayish Tel-Tamer meets shopkeepers

9 فبراير 2016419 views مشاهدة
Assayish Tel-Tamer meets shopkeepers

After more than a month of close the main roads that lead to the central market, Assayish Tel-Tamer met owners of the shops in the center of Assayish Tel-Tamer this morning.
The meeting was at the request of the shopkeepers, in order to re-open the main road to the market and to restore the economic movement as before, and the Administration has confirmed its willingness to open the roads and ensure the necessary protection of the market with the help of the civilian population in Tel-Tamer.
Assayish Forces added that everyone who lives in this city, whether Assayish or anyone civilian is responsible to protect the city and the market from any danger.
We note that the Assayish Tel-Tamer closed the roads to ensure the safety of civilians and to prevent the occurrence of any emergency.

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