Organizing lecture for Assayish

9 فبراير 2016444 views مشاهدة
Organizing lecture for Assayish

At the request of the administration of Assayish Terbesbia of the city council, a lecture has been organized for Assayish IMG-20160208-WA0003Forces Terbesbia this morning.
Mr. Suleiman Ali Arab, representative of the city council, gave a lecture entitled “Rojava revolution”. The aim is to strengthen the cultural background and discussion the current events in the region with members of Assayish Forces.
The lecture was about Roj-Ava revolution and developments since it occurred, and also the difficulties encountered in the light of social disintegration and racial ideology that had prevailed in the region, and how to overcome it through the project of brothers Peoples, which it guarantees the rights of all components without discrimination and democratically.
At the end of the lecturer, the debate was opened in front of members to hear their views and answer their questions.
It is worth mentioning that such lectures regularly take place in Assayish centers.

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