Two weapons dealers in Assayish hands

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Two weapons dealers in Assayish hands

Jwan Hesso _ Ivan Mohammed
Assayish Forces arrested two weapons dealers during the execution of their perfect ambush in a house in Al-Helalia neighborhood, in Qamishlo last night.
The office of fight against organized crime of Assayish Forces in Qamishlo, they have attacked a suspect house, after ascertaining the existence of trading of various types of weapons in it, and ambushed an arbitrator for people inside the house.
The office added that during the raid, they arrested who so-called ( A.H / 34 years) and (K.H / 25 years), in addition to adjust the number of weapons of various kinds, and many of ammunition.
It is noteworthy that the weapons were Kalashnikov,3 pistols (7 mm and 505 mm), a Bombacition and Bursaeed weapon.

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