Arresting drug abusers

16 فبراير 2016395 views مشاهدة
Arresting drug abusers

Assayish Forces arrested four drug abusers in Al-Antariah and Kaddorbak neighborhoods in Qamishlo last night.
A night patrol of Assayish Forces arrested (A.H/18 years and R.M/19 years) red-handed, while they were taking hashish عنتريةin one of the streets of Al-Antarah neighborhood.
On the other hand, Assayish Forces arrested (R.M/ years and E.M/36 years), and possession of narcotic pills, after receiving a notification from one of the citizens about there is unusual move in one of the abandoned houses in Kaddorbak neighborhood.
Note: The four persons have been transferred to the public prosecution.

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