A young man beaten by Turkish gendarmerie on border

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A young man beaten by Turkish gendarmerie on border

Abdul Hamid Ahmad – Kawa Ahmed
Turkish gendarme beat a young man on the border in one of the nearby points in Derbassia border yesterday evening.
Investigation Office informed us that the young man (A.S/ 29 years), from Damascus, he was brutally beaten on the head by the Turkish gendarmerie after trying to enter Turkish with the aim of treatment. Where the Assayish Forces of Amude took care of the young man and took him to the hospital in Amude, which is now in good condition, but there are some bruises in his back and facial area.
We note that this case is the fifth since the beginning of 2016 in Amude, and brutality practiced by the Turkish army is not only on the sons of the cantons of Rojava but also the people and all the components of Syria.

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