Dushka shot cut off fingers of young

18 أبريل 2016357 views مشاهدة
Dushka shot cut off fingers of young

Jwan Hesso _ Ivan Mohammed
A young man were been injured in his limbs by Dushka shot in (Sameehan Sharqi) village in Tel-Brak town yesterday.
According to Assayish Tel-Brak, who so-called (A.H /18 years), suffered injuries in his limbs, and that while he was playing with Dushka shot, trying to open it with a hammer and nail, leading to the explosion of the shot between his hands. Where, He was been transferred to Al-Salam hospital in Qamishlo. The supervisor doctor pointed out that the young man needed surgery to amputate the fingers of both hands.
Note: It is the first case of its kind in Tel-Brak town.

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