Landmine explodes in Al-Haddaja

20 أبريل 2016432 views مشاهدة
Landmine explodes in Al-Haddaja

Laund Suleiman
.Two people were injured as a result of a landmine explosion in Al-haddaja village, in Al-Shaddadi town, yesterday
Because of a landmine explosion in Al-haddaja village, away from Al-Hasaka city about 40 km, the citizen (Hamdan Musa/19 years) was injured in the right hand and some of the shrapnel in his head, the citizen (Hamid Musa/29 years) also was injured in the left hand and light wounds in the head. Where, they were been moved to the National hospital in Al-Hasaka by Assayish Force
.Note: According to the supervisor doctor, their conditions are good and stable now

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